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Sörmlandsleden hiking trail

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Published by Stefanie Schlosser in Activities · 27 January 2022
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Almost every passionate hiker in Sweden’s county Sörmland (Södermanland) has already walked on the Sörmlandsleden hiking path – or must at least have heard of it!
This long-distance hiking trail is more than 1000 km long and circles around Sörmland, with official start in Stockholm City. However, the path can of course be hiked in sections of one-day or multi-day tours of different lengths. The trail is consistently very well-marked through orange arrows and orange marks around trees and poles.

Sörmland’s variety concerning landscape, culture and historical sites is well represented along the trail. By following several sections in a row, one will get to experience nature’s diversity as well as pass by famous castles and the most popular towns and small cities. Even historical sites like the former mining village Koppartorp and some ancient rock-carvings are located along the path.  

Fig 1: Variety along the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail (2019-2021).

Many wind shelters invite the hiker to rest, make a campfire (! Pay attention to the seasonal fire restrictions!) and even to sleep over without the need of a tent (! See special regulations in Nature Reserves!).

Fig.2: Shelter and fireplace along the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail (2021).

The Sörmlandsleden non-profit association was already founded in 1980. Since 2003 it is open to welcome members, who support the maintenance of the path through their membership fee, which is as low as about 20€ per year.

Welcome to check-out the webpage http://www.sormlandsleden.se/eng/  

Here you can find valuable information about each section and if you choose to become a member, you will even have access to detailed hiking maps, showing not only the path but as well shelters and freshwater springs.

Fig.3: Sörmlandsleden section maps and me at a freshwater spring (2021).

I myself have already walked great parts of the Sörmlandsleden, however, due to its enormous length, I am still missing several sections, especially in the north-western part. Other sections I’ve walked many times and even studied their landscape and history as I am offering guided tours on parts of the Sörmlandsleden as well.

You’re welcome to share your Sörmlandsleden hiking experience in the comments below.

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